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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

“All I can say is thank you!!!! You made our wedding a complete dream.”
– Judy and Rob

“I had the best day of my life, and a large part of that is because Niloufar made certain that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Even my family commented on how wonderful it was to have Niloufar keeping an eye on all our details. I’ve recommended her to every friend I have that’s gotten engaged!”
– Melissa and Sean

“We will always remember how hard the staff from Perfectly Made Weddings worked, and how great everything turned out. We are truly grateful.”
– Ashley and Mike

“Thanks to her my family and I were able to celebrate the wedding without worrying about any mishaps. Thanks again, Nilou!!!!!”
– Haleh and Reza

“The staff at Perfectly Made Weddings did and impeccable job of planning our wedding. The kindness, calmness and enthusiasm of the staff on the day of the wedding also helped to keep us both relaxed and allowed for us to enjoy every minute of that day!!”
– Sautra and Naysan

“Thank you Niloufar and staff for all your help and we will definitely recommend you to our friends in the future when they are getting ready for their special day!”
– Nicole and Fouad

“We used Nilou as our coordinator for the day of our wedding.  She is INCREDIBLY helpful, patient, and sincere… Thank you, our wedding day would not have been the same without you!”
– Pamela and Arash

“I can’t recommend Perfectly Made Weddings enough, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t think he would need a wedding coordinator!”
– Adriana and Julian

  • Judy and Rob
  • Melissa and Sean
  • Ashley and Mike
  • Haleh and Reza
  • Sautra and Naysan
  • Nicole and Fouad
  • Pamela and Arash
  • Adriana and Julian