Adriana and Julian

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A Mexican themed wedding with a touch of modern chic, took place at the gorgeous La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California. With a guest count of 108, this intimate wedding was full of love, happiness, and beautiful traditions. The ceremony was set outside, overlooking the stunning golf course with beautiful blue skies above. It was a perfect California day, a perfect day for a wedding.  Following the ceremony, the cocktail hour took place outside with traditional Mexican paper banners hanging from the tall palm trees above.  The reception inside was pure romance with different shades of pinks and white colors, and personal touches throughout the room. The bride and groom had smiles on their faces the whole night, as they enjoyed every moment of their wedding day.

It was a wonderful day! Congratulations to Adriana and Julian!


I can go on and on about Niloufar and her assistant Erika, the team behind Perfectly Made Weddings, but for the sake of brevity, let me get to the bottom line first – I was the last person to be convinced we needed a wedding coordinator, but after the wedding and all that they did for us, I will be the FIRST person to tell you that our wedding would not have been so perfect without Niloufar’s help!

Let me start from the beginning – my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I attended a friend’s wedding in San Clemente a few years back. My friend’s wedding was gorgeous and very well planned. Two years later, when it came time to plan our wedding, my wife (fiancee at this point) and I started all the wedding planning ourselves. We had secured the venue, bought the wedding rings, started on the dinner menus, found the wedding dress and groomsmen tuxes, we were smooth sailing with 2 months to go before the wedding when my fiancee asked – are we getting a wedding coordinator? Right away, I looked at our progress and told her flat out “no”, we could save money by doing it all ourselves. What can they do that we can’t? 

Just out of curiosity, I asked my San Clemente buddy for his wedding coordinator’s contact info. I sent Niloufar an email and received a very prompt response, which in and of itself was refreshing. She remembered my buddy and his wife and set up a conference call to ask me more details about our wedding before giving us a price. I thought to myself – okay, she’s gonna charge an arm and a leg, but I just want to know how much money I’m gonna save doing it myself. After a VERY thorough call during which Niloufar asked a ton of questions I never thought of, she promised to get back to me with a price. After all the help, knowledge and experience she would bring to the table, I was sure I couldn’t fit Perfectly Made Weddings in our wedding budget. So when Niloufar replied with her quote, I felt I couldn’t afford NOT to hire her. Her price was fair enough that if she even provided half of what she promised, her services would be worth the money. 

So we contracted Perfectly Made Weddings, and right off the bat, Niloufar took the lead with ALL of our vendors AND our family/friends who were going to play a role during the wedding. Her guidance and expertise in asking the right questions was invaluable to us in the days leading up the wedding. And then they completely guided us through the rehearsal ceremony. On the day of the wedding, Niloufar was like the coach, making sure all of the players were in their proper positions, and Erika was the quarterback, making sure everything happened on time. There was one hiccup during the ceremony itself, but with a thousand things to manage, I couldn’t believe there was only one issue, and even then only my wife and I were able to notice it.

My wife and I truly understood how important our wedding coordinator was once they left. We had told Niloufar and Erika that we wouldn’t need them after the dinner part of our reception, since everything else seemed straightforward. Well, I can tell you, as soon as they left, my wife and I had ZERO clue what do to. On something as simple as the cake cutting ceremony, we actually stood looking at each other like – what’s next? When everyone asked us what was going on, why we were confused since the whole wedding seemed to be going so perfectly, we had to tell them the truth – we were lost because our wedding coordinator wasn’t there to tell us what we were supposed to do! 

I can’t recommend Perfectly Made Weddings enough, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t think he would need a wedding coordinator!


Thank you to Carlos Hernandez at CCH photos for capturing such beautiful photos. Thank you to Manny V Productions for the heartfelt and lovely video.

Adriana and Julian's Wedding


  1. Thank you for being such an integral part of our special day, Niloufar! You and Erika went above and beyond the call of duty in the days leading up to and during the wedding. I’m not sure what we would have done without you, but I can pretty much guarantee our wedding wouldn’t have been as beautiful without your help!

  2. You both made our jobs easy! Such a blast to work with! Amazing couple!

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