Andrea and Tom

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When I asked Andrea and Tom what they envisioned for their wedding day, Andrea told me, “It’s going to feel a little more carnival than wedding. It’s a party we just happen to be getting married”. To be honest, II could not stop smiling.  I am talking cheek to cheek.  Their wedding was the most fun I have had at a wedding, EVER! Andrea and Tom got married at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, California. They had such a beautiful day full of amazing details!

Their ceremony was very simple. No frills or glitz. Just the beautiful and historic details of the Studio was enough. Pretty greenery and twinkle lights surrounded Andrea and Tom, along with their 85 guests. It was so romantic and just perfect for these two.

Following the ceremony, Andrea and Tom snuck away and had their first dance in the small theater, while guests enjoyed cocktail hour. Their first dance was so romantic and I loved that they made it a private event. It made it special for just these two. LOVED this idea!

I kind of crushed over so many of the details that Andrea and Tom included on their wedding day because it reflected their fun, creative, and quirky personality.  In addition to the unique and iconic venue site, they had a “DIY” tattoo station, a photo booth, a gaming station, (playing MarioKart), a movie theater playing fun videos, (oh, and guests could grab a bag of popcorn to enjoy), a caricature artist,  an area to play board games, and of course a place to dance!

Andrea and Tom also had a few surprises which blew everyone’s minds! When guests arrived at the wedding, they were greeted by a celebrity. The Delorean from Back to the Future! Yep. Guests totally geeked out, and some literally screamed out loud with glee. I, personally jumped up and down, and could not stop smiling. Seriously? The Delorean? Oh my goodness!

Another surprise, was when Dean Apple, the magician showed up during dinner, and performed magic tricks at each guest table. Let me tell you, he had everyone with their mouths wide open in shock. I mean after each trick, I was like , ” how?!” , and “what just happened?!”. It was so fun and interactive, and guests had a blast!

Andrea and Tom, along with all their guests enjoyed every moment, and not one person was not doing some activity at the wedding. There was something for everyone.  Just an incredibly fun wedding.

If I could describe this wedding in one word, it would be whimsical.

What a super fun wedding day! Congrats Andrea and Tom!

Thank you SDLR Media for capturing all the magical moments.

Andrea and Tom


Venue: Jim Henson Studios

Wedding Planner:  Perfectly Made Weddings

Photographer: SDLR Media

Videographer: SDLR Media

Hair and Make up Artist: Joseph Lamar Salon

Officiant: Dr. Leilani Hall

Delorean Car Rental: Martin’s Movie Cars Delorean Rental

AV and Rentals: Pico Party Rentals

Magician: Dean Apple

Caricature Artist: Sue Bielenberg/ Hollywood Art Chick

Photo Booth: Westside Photo Booths

Caterer: Louis Huh

Cupcakes: Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such

Custom Disney Ears:  The Avengears 

Candle Favors: Candlelit Desserts

Groom’s Suit: OppoSuits 


Oh wow… What can I say about Niloufar that hasn’t been said?

Niloufar is amazing, so I’ll just start with the things that meant the most to me.

Communication- Niloufar was incredibly accessible during the entirety of our wedding planning. We worked with her for around a year (ish?) leading up to the wedding and she was amazing at getting back to us quickly. She gave us a heads up if there were any occasions when she would have slower response times as well which was great. Communication is so key with event planning and Niloufar was always on point and so easy to work with.

Organization- I’m a big sucker for spreadsheets and checklists- thankfully so is Niloufar. She has templates and knows how to use office systems which put my anal retentive mind at ease. We worked out of a shared google drive so she, my husband and myself had access to everything and were notified of any changes. It made everything super easy (again, fantastic communication).

Efficiency- So if we didn’t have Niloufar, we probably would have eloped. My husband and I had a very DIY wedding so everything was pretty much on us to put together- and by that I mean us and Niloufar leading us to success. She was so detail oriented and has the perfect mind for making things happen. Leading up I was so at ease knowing she was leading the troops and day of I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding. She got along with literally everyone that she met- I had both guests and vendors talking about what a sweetheart she is (spoiler alert- she’s a sweetheart).

Now I love my husband and my wedding so I do not plan on doing this again, but I would absolutely encourage anyone planning a wedding to connect with Niloufar. She’s the best and I love her. If you want to enjoy your wedding, trust her and let her make your perfect wedding come to life.


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