Why Hire?

Hire a Wedding Planner

Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? Here are seven big reasons why you should!

Why Hire A Wedding Planner / Coordinator?

1. Save Time: These days couples are busy with their jobs or school and simply do not have the time to meet with vendors, negotiate contracts, attend appointments, design the wedding day, coordinate all necessary arrangements, and more. A great wedding planner can support the couple through the entire planning process, allowing the couple to do as little or as much as they please. On the big day, the planner will be there to make sure the plans are carried out while the couple and their family enjoys the day.

2. Details, Details, Details: Wedding coordinators are very organized about the details, big and small, which takes stress off our clients. We like to help our clients think of ways to make everything unique to their personality and vision.

3. Save Money: Wedding planners can help save couples money as they can help with setting a budget and making sure they keep within their budget. Most couples will set a budget, however tend to always go above that budget because things come up which they had not thought about. I always sit down with my couples go through a checklist of all possible items that are needed for the wedding day, and then we prioritize each one based on what’s important to the couple. Most importantly, as an active member of the wedding industry community, I’m in touch with vendors to know what packages should cost and make sure my couples are getting great deals from the vendors they choose. When couples work with me from the beginning of their wedding day planning process, and we have set a budget together, we are always under that budget.

4. Slow Down: Too many couples rush to book vendors like photographers, florists or entertainers before considering their entire budget. Often, they find they have to cut corners on the food or even the dress. While it’s true that some of those important service providers book dates quickly, you have to take the time to determine your budget and put together a plan for all the things you need before signing a contract that may be more than you can really afford.

5. Style, Theme, and Design: Some couples have an idea of a vision that they like for their wedding day, however do not know what colors or themes would work best. As a wedding planner I have a pulse into the latest trends and colors in the wedding industry and write about them on my acclaimed bridal blog, BridalHotList.com. I have close relationships with florists, designers, and other professionals whom I talk to on a daily basis, and always know what is in and what is not.

6. Vendor Relationships: Wedding coordinators have excellent relationships with vendors and venues, and can help find the perfect match for the couple. Whether it is finding a wedding professional that meets their budget, personality, or style, a wedding coordinator can find the right vendor to make your wedding dreams come true.

7. Professionalism: I am certified through the Association of Bridal Consultants, which is an important distinction because it means I am recognized amongst professionals and follow certain standards to give my couples the best service they deserve for their wedding day. However, when it comes to planning your big day, you want to ensure that you have someone with the training necessary to succeed. This means you generally want to hire a wedding consultant who has professional wedding consultant training, a wedding consultant that has industry experience, or both.

In summary, Wedding Coordinators/Planners can help couples have a stress free and seamless wedding – leave the heavy lifting to the professionals!

Here are sample services that are included in all my packages:

  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence during normal business hours assuming Consultant availability with 24 hours of advanced notice by Client.
  • One hour of on-site venue assessment
  • Ceremony and reception timeline
  • Full attendance and coordination of ceremony and reception
  • Set up of wedding favors, escort cards, place cards, and table numbers, and other personal items
  • One to two hours of rehearsal attendance
  • Supervision of reception and ceremony set-up
  • Confirm reception and ceremony set-up
  • Confirm services directly with vendors on site of day of wedding
  • Distribution of vendor payments